Planets imaging

Currently I use a small Canon Powershot G7XmkII and Sony RX100VI to make 1920x1080 movies to stack with the freeware Autostakkert. I did a few tests of Venus, Saturn and Jupiter. This is still the beginning as I used the camera handheld behind the eyepiece. This should be improved.

The pictures of the Moon and Venus on 2014 Feb 26 are taken from Montagu, Western Cape, South Africa under excellent conditions. There was an occultation in Central and East Africa but the path just missed South Africa. These images are taken directly with the Canon EOS 6 and no stacking has taken place.

Comet 2020 F3/NEOWISE 33x7 sec Sony RX100M6 early morning 2020 Jul 12
Comet 2020 F3/NEOWISE 19x7 sec Canon 6D with 85mm f/1.8 set to 2.5, early morning 2020 Jul 12
2020 June 19 8:48 UTC Venus occultation starts and disappears at the bright lunar limb
Venus near Pleiades, 2020 Apr 4, small camera (Sony RX100M6 in tele 72mm 4x cropped, 30x1 second)
Close conjuntion of Moon an Jupiter on early morning 2020 Feb 20 Canon EF 100-400mm LII 1/8 sec.
Lunar eclipse 2018 July 27 composite image, from right to left, starting with totality
Close conjuction of Mars and Jupiter Powershot S100 behind eyepiece, left Plössl 22mm, right Nagler 13mm
41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak 25x2 min. Canon 70-300L at 300mm f/5.6 (North is Left) 2017 Mar 27
Moon, and Mars, Saturn and Antares in a triangle. 2016 Aug 12
Start of Mercury Transit 2016 May 9
40 hours old lunar crescent 2016 Mar 10 from Tulbagh, South Africa
End of another occultation of Aldebaran on 2015 Dec 23, Canon Powershot behind eyepiece
Aldebaran about to disappear !
Aldebaran occultation 2015 Sep 5 before disappearance, Canon EOS 6 in prime focus ED110
Venus and Jupiter at conjunction 2015 Jul 1 late afternoon prime focus (cropped) with ED110
Same conjunction of Moon and Venus 2014 Feb 26, Televue Genesis prime focus after sunrise showing both crescents cropped
Narrow conjunction of Moon and Venus 2014 Feb 26, 300mm morning twilight cropped
2012 Jun 10 1130 UTC Venus West of Sun 100 best frames Powershot behind LV6mm Powermate on Genesis (210x)
2012 May 28 1300 UTC Venus 400 frames Genesis Nagler 13T6 Powermate (96x)
Used setup for Venus with Powershot behind eyepiece
2012 May 26 1930 UTC Saturn Orion XT-10 LV 6mm Powermate (230x)
2012 May 26 0930 UTC Jupiter Very dim only 9.5º from the Sun, Genesis Nagler 13T6 (38x)
2012 May 26 0930 UTC Venus, Genesis LV 6mm Powermate (210x)


  • Venus occultation 2020 June 19

    play Taken with Sony RX100M6 behind eyepiece.
  • Aldebaran occultation 2015 December 23

    play Taken with Canon Powershot S100 behind eyepiece.
  • Mercury Transit 2016 May 9

    play Taken with Canon Powershot S100 behind eyepiece. A bullet round ball as one said at another event which I observed exactly 46 years ago (1970 May 9)!
  • Venus in inferior conjunction 2017 Mar 25

    play Taken with Canon Powershot S100 behind eyepiece of 80mm scope. Eight degrees north of the Sun a very thin crescent !