After sunset 5 feb 2011
Roque de los Muchachos 360° panorama 2011 Jan 27
Volcano Teneguia 360° panorama 2011 Jan 26

Pictures in La Palma Canary Islands jan/feb 2011

During this trip there were some excellent clear nights (unlike my previous trip to La Palma in March 2003) at a very dark location in the southwest of the island at the Teneguia Princess hotel. As I was too reluctant to drive up the Roque de los Muchachos after dark (a 50km winding road with possibly snow and ice) and the sky was still very good even at sea level, I could make my observations and photos at walking distance of the resort. There were very few lights there after 23:00 o'clock as the lighting of the terrain and hotel balconies was severely dimmed. The only light dome was 30km northward of Los Llanos de Aridane a town of 20000 people but is was very faint, so the sky appeared very dark. Only on the hotel premises there was some light pollution which was mostly dimmed after 23 o'clock. Before that time I could walk to the nearby banana plantations with my 15x70 binos where I had a superb view. Objects like M33 were naked eye objects, the California Nebula could be seen with my binos, and with the Televue Genesis I could see many deep sky objects better than with my 25cm Dobson back home.